Data Science with Python

Data Science with Pyathon

Data Science with python Courses are the coolest and most comprehensive way to kick start a career in the arena of analyzing, processing, and churning useful data patterns for the big organizations that performance with large data volume. Organizations are eager to pay three-fold of the typical salary to young and energetic talents and this can support them stay ahead of the curve. Our Data Science offline / online courses and classroom training help professionals make most of this prospect and reach the zenith of their careers.

The course program comprises 150+ hours of trainer led training from the top experienced faculty and equal amount of asynchronous readings. Significant additional time and effort will be necessary for the practice, self-study, combined activities, and projects.

Data Science



  • Module – Python Basics
  • Module – Python Data Structures
  • Module – Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Module – Working with Data in Python
  • Module – Working with Numpy Arrays

Data Analysis libraries

  • Module – Importing Datasets
  • Module – Cleaning and Preparing the Data
  • Module – Summarizing the Data Frame
  • Module – Model Development
  • Module – Model Evaluation

Data Visualization Libraries

  • Module – Introduction to Visualization Tools
  • Module – Basic Visualization Tools
  • Module – Specialized Visualization Tools
  • Module – Advanced Visualization Tools
  • Module – Creating Maps and Visualizing Geospatial Data

Machine Learning 

  • Module – Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Module – Regression
  • Module – Classification
  • Module – Unsupervised Learning
  • Module – Recommender Systems

Project 1 : Products rating prediction

Domain : E-commerce

Project 2 : Demand Forecasting for XYZ

Domain : Retail